Stop Company Data From Walking Out the Door


Join us for an exclusive webinar with Rick Weber, the president of Elijah as he presents eCollect, a powerful and effective data loss detection tool designed to help organizations safeguard their most valuable intellectual property.
While the media continually covers hackers stealing data, your biggest risk is likely sitting behind their laptops in the form of your current employees. Recent studies report that more than 3 out of every 4 employees take company data when they leave!
Join us to learn how eCollect can help your organization:
  • Quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively examine the most common ways in which employees steal data.
  • Maintain employees’ privacy.
  • View thumb drive insertion and file access history in seconds.
  • Assure customers, shareholders and auditors that your organization has taken steps to protect data.
  • Help save millions of dollars in hard and soft costs associated with data theft.
Rick Weber
President, Elijah
Rick is an attorney and arbitrator for FINRA and a former federal prosecutor for the Securities & Exchange Commission. In 2000, Rick co-founded Advocate Solutions, and became one of the pioneers in the eDiscovery industry with the creation of Discovery Cracker.
Rick is frequently invited to speak as an expert in the field of Electronic Discovery and Litigation Data Management at conferences and CLE seminars.
Mark Walker
Vice President, Business Development
Date: August 27, 2020
Time: 2:00pm EST