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Identity Theft Related Whitepapers

Merchants' Identity Theft Advisory Board Whitepapers

The Merchants' Identity Theft Advisory Board, which is supported by 100-year old Merchants Information Solutions, was founded in 2009 with a community outreach initiative to support small business ID theft and fraud education and awareness, and child ID theft and Internet safety and security.

During 2012, there were a number of small business research reports and surveys including the March 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, June 2012 Shred-it Small Business Survey, and the October 2012 NCSA / Symantec National Small Business Study highlighting how small business ID Theft and Fraud has become an emerging risk management issue.

As a result, the Merchants Advisory Board created the Small Business ID Theft and Fraud Best Practice eBook below offering basic and straightforward recommendations in an easy-to-read format so that small business owners can focus on their business. This eBook concept supports those small businesses that are not very familiar with the emerging risk management issue of Small Business ID Theft and Fraud.

The whitepapers are available in one collective eBook, or as separate, individual documents. All documents are in Adobe® PDF format.

Download the entire eBook by clicking the link below.

Download an individual whitepaper by clicking one of the links below.

Small Business ID Theft and Fraud Whitepaper

Merchants' Vice President and ID Theft Practice Leader Mark Pribish and Vice President of Operations Jim Collard have created a definitive document with substantial information about identity theft risk reduction and risk mitigation for small businesses.

Their combined document, entitled Small Business ID Theft and Fraud, provides valuable insight into the world of small business identity theft and the real risks every organization faces from today's identity thieves.

Integrity Testing and Behavioral Assessment Whitepapers

Why and How to Implement Integrity Testing as an Important Part of Your Talent Management Cycle

Merchants' President and CEO Russ Johnson has written a whitepaper on the importance of implementing integrity testing in your organization to help benefit every organization's search for the best talent.

Download your copy of Why and How to Implement Integrity Testing as an Important Part of Your Talent Management Cycle by clicking the link below. Please save the whitepaper to your local machine for future use.

When Healthcare Providers Make Hiring Mistakes, Patients Suffer

Merchants' integrity testing and behavioral assessment experts have created a detailed whitepaper showing the true effects of healthcare providers making poor hiring decisions. In addition, a whitepaper dealing with the challenges of screening temporary workers is also available.

Download your copy of the When Healthcare Providers Make Hiring Mistakes, Patients Suffer whitepaper by clicking either of the links below. Please be sure to save a copy of the whitepaper to your local machine.

Staffing - The Challenge of Screening Temporary Workers Whitepaper

Data Breach Calculator

In the event of a data breach, the associated costs can quickly become astronomical. Most companies are not prepared to pay the price for employee and customer records being lost, and perhaps used by identity thieves. Use our calculator below to determine how much your company is at risk of spending in the event of a data breach.

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Calculate your turnover costs

Hiring a new employee can be a costly endeavor for any organization. This is especially true if your organization has high turnover. Use the employee turnover cost calculator to quickly determine your turnover rate, the cost of each new hire, and the total cost of employee turnover to your organization.

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