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Providing world-class background screening and identity theft solutions since 1912.

Business and Consumer ID Theft Solutions

Protection and peace of mind are priceless. The SmartIDentity suite of products includes a small business data breach planning and response solution and industry-leading fully-managed consumer Identity theft restoration.

  • Over 10 million businesses and consumers under coverage
  • 100% success rate in restoring ID Theft victims
  • Industries premier ID Theft Recovery Advocates
  • Dedicated Advocate assigned to each case from inception to resolution
  • New recurring revenue source through added value benefit
The benefits of our testing solutions

The benefits of our testing solutions

Employment Integrity Testing

IntegrityFirst represents our strong belief that Integrity should be at the core of every business, and at the core of every business is its people. IntegrityFirst helps your organization increase productivity and decrease costs through reductions in turnover and workers compensation loss rates by reducing theft, drug & alcohol abuse in the workplace, dishonesty, and violence/bullying. Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduce employee turnover
  • Significantly reduce workers compensation loss rates
  • Increase productivity
  • Consistent job candidate selection
  • Reduces background screening & drug testing costs